Guidelines for Library Services to Deaf People 2nd Edition

by John Michael Day

Series: IFLA Professional Reports 62

These guidelines are meant to inform librarians about the library and information needs of deaf people and pertain to all libraries that have deaf persons as any portion of their clientele. They apply to all types of libraries including public, school, and academic, as well as special libraries serving government, commerce and industry, the arts, military, hospitals, prisons and other institutions. They are statements of general principles and, as such, contain no quantitative prescriptions. They are, however, meant to serve both as an encouragement to establish services for deaf persons and as a means to assess the completeness and quality of such services. As these guidelines are international in scope, it must be understood that they need  to be tempered by national and local limitations on practicality, e.g., the application of guidelines regarding the use of technology and technological aids should be dropped where such is not available.

Additionally, this document should serve as a guide in the development of national guidelines for library services to deaf people, as it may be easily modified to conform to local circumstances. In the absence of any local guidelines, these guidelines should apply.

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Last update: 16 September 2014