5 August 2021

Library Perspectives for the World Summit on the Information Society Reporting: Have Your Say!

A new IFLA survey gathers insights on the state of libraries in the digital ecosystem in 2021.

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is a global initiative that brings together stakeholders committed to leveraging ICT for development and bridging the digital divide. It was launched as a UN-sponsored summit in 2003 and 2005, where connecting libraries was identified as one of the WSIS Targets - an important step towards ensuring that everyone can benefit from the internet and ICTs.

A 2014 large-scale WSIS review and stock-taking report outlined the progress made in delivering on this target, and the key roles libraries play in the information society: their contributions to digital inclusion, skills-building, access to knowledge and information, and availability of cultural and local digital content.

Annual WSIS reporting: insights from the library field

Since then, annual reporting helps track the continued implementation of WSIS goals, targets and action lines. As part of this process, key stakeholders from various fields are invited to submit inputs every year. As IFLA has the opportunity to put forward insights from the library field’s perspective, we want to hear from you and to highlight the information society trends and practices which are most relevant for your libraries!

To help gather inputs from the global library field, we have launched a survey where you can share your insights and experiences with:
-  The state of library connectivity in your area;
-  ICT-based library services that help meet the needs of their constituencies (e.g. digital inclusion, digital skills training, access to cultural, educational or scientific digital materials);
-  External trends and developments that shape libraries’ ICT-based services;
-  Libraries’ web presence; and more.

Would you like to contribute to this year’s WSIS reporting around libraries? Take part in the survey by 30 September 2021!

Access the IFLA survey through Alchemer. You can also read WSIS report inputs from the global library field perspective from previous years – for example, 2019 and 2018.

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