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Thank you: participation in nominations process underlines commitment and energy of IFLA’s members and volunteers

At 12pm CEST today, the six-week period for nominations for IFLA’s elections and appointments process 2021 came to an end.

13 April 2021 | IFLA Elections, IFLA Elections 2021, Governance

Last chance to nominate candidates for IFLA committees!

Use the next 24 hours well; IFLA’s future is in your hands.

12 April 2021 | IFLA Elections 2021, IFLA Elections, Governance

Act Now: Last Days to Nominate Candidates for IFLA Volunteer Positions

We’re into the final week of IFLA’s nominations process! You have just over six days left to complete your nomination and nominee consent forms for IFLA’s elections and appointments 2021.

7 April 2021 | IFLA Elections 2021, IFLA Elections, Governance

Your Questions on IFLA’s Elections and Appointments Process 2021 Answered: Governance Overview and Round Tables

Today, IFLA publishes a paper providing a high-level view of our new governance structures, giving Members, Affiliates and potential candidates for elected roles a clear overview of how our Federation will work in future. You are also invited to a series of round tables that will explain the process.

15 March 2021 | IFLA Elections 2021, IFLA Elections, Governance

IFLA Elections 2021: Opportunities to Engage

Today, the nominations process for IFLA’s elections and appointments 2021 opens. There are six weeks for candidates to come forward, and for Members and Affiliates to submit nominations for the over 800 positions available.

1 March 2021 | Nominations, IFLA Elections 2021

IFLA Elections and Appointments 2021

If IFLA's Members approve proposed new Statutes at our extraordinary General Assembly on 12 February, nominations and elections for 2021 will start shortly afterwards. Here we share the dates and details for this process.

4 February 2021 | Nominations, IFLA Elections 2021, Governance, General assembly