OECD Conference on Culture and Local Development


6 – 7 December 2018


Venice, Italy

IFLA will be represented by Policy and Research Officer, Tanja Clausen


Cultural and creative sectors transform local economies in various ways:

  • Generating economic growth, productivity, exports and employment; 
  • Diversifying the economy and contributing to urban regeneration; 
  • Promoting cities and rural regions as destinations to visit, live, work and invest in; 
  • Strengthening local cultural identity and diversity; 
  • Supporting social cohesion and integration of marginalised groups; 
  • Contributing to well-being.

To reap these benefits, national and local governments have been putting in place policy initiatives to support these sectors as drivers of inclusive growth. However, there is still limited evidence and understanding of how culture and creativity can transform and foster development, what are the needs of these sectors and what are effective policy responses.

This Conference is the first major OECD event examining links between culture and local growth. It will develop recommendations for economic and social policies that leverage culture and cultural heritage to enhance economic growth, job creation and social inclusion. It will highlight “what works” in policy governance arrangements and funding models.​


Conference, Cultural heritage, culture, OECD, culture impact, cultural rights

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