23 September 2014

Association of Parliamentary Librarians of Asia and the Pacific (APLAP) launches new website

Dr. Dianne Heriot, President of the Association of Parliamentary Librarians of Asia and the Pacific (APLAP), launched the Association’s new website in July 2014.

The website is the result of nine months’ collaboration and work by the APLAP Executive. For the first time in APLAP's 24 year history, all of the Association’s resources and documents have been brought together in one place. The website is also designed to serve as a communication hub for Parliamentary Libraries in Asia and the Pacific.


The Association of Parliamentary Librarians of Asia and the Pacific (APLAP) was founded in 1990 to encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing between bodies that provide library and research services to Parliaments in Asia and the Pacific. APLAP considers matters affecting the common interests of Parliamentary Libraries in the region, develops and shares methods and techniques to improve services provided to members of parliament, and organises conferences and training days.

National and State or Provincial legislatures from almost 40 countries are represented in APLAP's membership, and APLAP is an International Association member of IFLA.

Features of the new website

The home page features the latest news from APLAP and from Parliamentary Libraries and Research Services in the region. Contributions are invited from all member countries; please contact us if you have a news item that you would like to share.

Other pages present additional information about APLAP, including its Constitution, Executive Committee and Members.

The papers in the Conferences section are a rich resource for staff of Parliamentary Libraries seeking to learn from each other in order to provide the highest quality research and information services to members of parliament. Past conference attendees can take a trip down memory lane in the accompanying photo galleries, and may like to reflect on how much fashions have changed over the years!

The site also has a Members only area featuring meeting papers and minutes from APLAP Business Meetings, a contact list for APLAP members, and a forum where all members can post topics or questions. Staff from APLAP member institutions are invited to register for access to the Members Only area.

Below: Screen shot of the APLAP homepage

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