6 May 2014

PC Approves LSN Mission Expansion!!!

By Veronica L C Stevenson-Moudamane

According to the decision by the Professional Committee during its Fall Meeting in October, the  LSN Section is therefore granted permission to add ‘homeless persons’ to its Mission Statement:

"The Section for Library Services to People with Special Needs provides an international forum for the discussion of ideas, sharing of experiences and development of tools designed to promote and improve the effectiveness of library and information services to special needs groups, and the promotion of national and international cooperation at all levels.

The Section focuses on those persons who because of their living conditions and/or physical, mental or cognitive disabilities are unable to access current library services. These groups can include, but are not necessarily limited to, people in hospitals and prisons, HOMELESS PERSONS, persons in nursing homes and other care facilities, the deaf and people with dyslexia and dementia."

Library Services to People with Special Needs

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