9 December 2013

National Assembly of Cameroon Library Welcomes New Members

By Lillian Gassie and Alim Garga

Library Director Alim Garga showed the materials available to new Members of the National Assembly

The Library stand at the induction for new Members to the Assemblée Nationale du Cameroun (National Assembly of Cameroon) proved very popular. Library Director Alim Garga (a member of the Section's Standing Committee) was at hand to greet 180 new Members of the 9th legislative period, at the induction held on 18-19 November 2013.

New Members of the National Assembly received their documentation package from the Library's stand

Library staff showed the type of materials and the services that are available to Members to support their legislative duties.  Members were presented with a documentation kit comprised of the Constitution, standing orders, electoral code, fiscal regime of the State, and a handbook for Members of the National Assembly.

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