IFLA Newspapers Section Satellite Meeting 2014

Digital Transformation and the Changing Role of News Media in the 21st Century


13 – 14 August 2014


Geneva, Switzerland, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


IFLA 2014 Pre-Conference

Newspapers are highly esteemed historical sources, and their digital transformation multiplies their usage. Current digital news media constantly develop new channels and modes of communica-tion, redefine the roles of all stakeholders, and transform the news into an infinite process.
The IFLA 2014 Pre-Conference has its focus on the transformation aspects of both digitized as well as born digital news media.

Proposal abstracts for the IFLA pre-conference has been extended to 21 February. Click here for more information.

Please visit the conference website for further details.

Conference, News Media, Newspapers, Switzerland

Last update: 11 February 2014