21 June 2013

Offer to parliamentary libraries

By irugambwa

The History of Parliament is one of the most ambitious, authoritative and well-researched projects in British history. It consists of detailed studies of elections and electoral politics in each constituency that has ever sent Members to the House of Commons at Westminster, and of closely-researched accounts of the lives of everyone who was elected. The project is not yet complete, but has so far published 41 volumes, covering in total 338 years of parliamentary history, containing 21,500 biographies, 5,000 constituency articles and 25 million words. The result is that for most of Parliament’s long and exciting history it is possible to discover not only who served as a Member of Parliament for any constituency and when they did so, but also, in many cases what they did when they got to Parliament, and much about their lives outside Parliament. More information is available on the History’s website.

Some of The History’s prestigious hardback volumes are still available, and The History’s Trustees are keen to offer them, without charge, to other parliamentary libraries which might value them – perhaps as a model for similar biographical dictionaries for their own Parliaments. If your parliamentary library would like to receive some of the volumes free of charge, please contact the Director of the History, Paul Seaward, at pseaward@histparl.ac.uk.

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