Latin America and Caribbean Internet Governance Forum

Regional preparatory meeting for the Internet Governance Forum


31 July – 2 August 2018


Buenos Aires, Argentina

IFLA will be represented by a Headquarters Staff member (Headquarters Staff member)


The Latin America and Caribbean regional preparatory meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF) is the opportunity for voices across the continent to come together to discuss how the Internet works. With data protection, the impact of algorithms, and the persistent digital divide all high on the agenda, there is much to talk about. 

Libraries, as trusted spaces with a long record of reflection on the power of information, have a major role to play. Silvia Lacorazza (President of ABGRA) and Andrés Reinoso (New Professionals Special Interest Group) will represent IFLA, underlining how libraries help bring people online, give them confidence and skills, and promote their rights. 

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Conference, FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression), Access to information, Digital inclusion, Internet access, Internet governance, Latin America and the Caribbean

Last update: 2 August 2018