2009, Milan, Italy

Minutes of CPDWL Standing Committee I

Time: 14:30-17:20, Saturday, August 22, 2009, Milan, Italy

SC members:
Susan Schnuer (chair)
Jana Varlejs
Sylvia Piggott
Linda Ashcroft
Bau-Mei Cheng
Mary Chute
Matilde Fontanin
Arne Gundersen
Li-hung Huang
Juanita Jara de Sumar
Ulrike Lang
Michel Netzer
Mary-Jo Romaniuk
Anne Lehto

Monica Ertel
Roisin Gwyer
Wanda Dole
Gitte Larsen
Irma Pasanen
Richard Sayers

Eileen Breen
Lamyaa Belmekki
Patricia Oyler
Mike Heaney
Marielle de Miribel
Chihfeng P. Lin
Fan Wei Min
Gu-Hsuan Chang
Wei-Tzu Huang

1.Welcome - Chair Susan Schnuer welcomed all to the meeting and participants introduced themselves.

2.Agenda – addition of one item for discussion – The change of venue for IFLA 2010

3.Apologies – Roisin Gwyer, Monica Ertel, and Irma Pasanen

4.Election of Section Office Bearers 2009-2011

It was proposed by Sylvia that it would be good to have a “co-Information Officer.” Eileen Breen is the web master for another committee and is willing to support Sylvia as Information Officer for CPDWL. It was pointed out by guest, Mike Heaney, that while she might support unofficially, she can only hold a position on one committee at a time.

Monica as Secretary

Susan willing to serve as co-Chair. Sylvia suggested Roisin Gwyer as a candidate. Susan noted that Roisin had been
approached and had respectfully declined given her current obligations at work. Ulrike Lang was also suggested as a candidate
for co-Chair. Mike Heaney pointed out that there can only be one official Chair. Susan respectfully thanked him but said she
would be approaching the Council with our suggestion.

5.Jana confirmed as treasurer – the complexities of moving bank account etc were discussed.

6.Acceptance of Minutes from Section meetings in Quebec August 18 and 24, 2008. Moved by Sylvia Piggott, seconded by Ulrike Lang.

7.Report from Coordinating Board/Division Meetings – Susan Schnuer –
August 21st was the final meeting of the former structure divisions. The CPDWL section had been in Division VII. It will be part
of the new Division IV starting August 23 immediately following opening of the conference when the first meetings of the new
Divisions will be held.
IFLA Headquarters would like a list of all satellite meeting attendees. This year there were 18 satellite meetings held in
conjunction with the 2009 World Congress.
Because of the change in venue for 2010 proposals for any 2010 associated satellite meetings must be resubmitted for
For 2011 satellite meeting proposals will be submitted by mid March 2010.

8. Chair’s report – Susan Schnuer

The launch of the new IFLA has prompted a very busy year.
At the close of last year’s conference in Quebec, Susan requested that CPDWL be permitted to shift our 2nd standing
committee meeting from the last Friday of the 2009 Conference to earlier in the week. We were granted this request and
ultimately seem to have set a precedent for other committees to similarly adjust their schedules.
When the tentative schedule came out for the 2009 conference Susan made a second scheduling request. One of our
sessions had been scheduled for the very last time slot on the Thursday. She requested on our behalf that in light of our
satellite preconference and how long many of our members had been away from their jobs attending the conference that we be
given a time slot earlier in the week in case some members would not be able to stay in Milan until the end. Our request was
granted and the session was moved to Monday.
The Bologna conference will be reported on more fully later in the minutes but Susan did note that this satellite meeting was
our first co-convened meeting and that we had made 27 stipend awards for new professionals attending and presenting at their
first international conference.
There was a request for ‘reporters’ for Milan for the Newsletter
There needs to be discussion regarding the desired frequency for CPDWL to sponsor satellite conferences. The 2009 session
was our 8th. The average was every three years but this was not held to strictly.

9. Treasurer’s report and financial information from Bologna – Jana Varlejs
Although all the final tallies are not in we should be in the black. We started with $9,000 and our expenses were no more than
IFLA Headquarters wants an accounting of how we spend our funds. We will do so. They are not concerned that we utilize the
checking account they just want the proceedings to be conducted in a transparent manner.

10. Information Coordinator’s report – Sylvia Piggott
Website – approximately 460 people active on website. Activity is increased around conference time.
Next year we will not be partnering with the MLAS section for their day-long conference session. They are in discussions with
another section for that program next year.

11. Newsletter Editor’s report – Juanita Jara de Sumar
If you have news please send ASAP
Please send in Word format
Would appreciate book reviews
The most difficult part is getting everyone to send something in.
1st issue was one month late
2nd issue was on time

12. Satellite meeting 2009 Bologna
(a) Report from Co-convener: Roisin Gwyer
Joint with New Professionals SIG therefore significant outreach for new presenters
Icebreaker activities
Went well logistically
From August 08-09 she worked every week
Approximately 80 attendees (83 registered)
Venue was free
Lovely setting
Excellent catering
Wonderful venue and site visits
Benefit of additional session on what it is like to be a new professional in Italy
The delayed delivery of the proceedings was the one weak link
Notable that having a local person to work on logistics is a key benefit
Very good support from the group (Mentoring etc – Bau Mei, Mary, Graham, and Ulrike)

(b) Report from Editor: Jana Varlejs

Proceedings are a lot of work.
Should have been 4 person team – 2 from each co-sponsoring committee
JV has a lot of advice for whoever does it next.
When the guidebook is complete it might take on some of the role of mentors

(c) Report from other committee members and attendees

Contacted mentees, but only a few wrote back
Wine and time slot very good
Program/schedule might be easier to consult (i.e. Chair was listed in bold and speakers in plain text)
Abstract was good addition
Liked ambience
Did not like closing session
Preferred the group living and dining together in Johannesburg
Prefers more demonstrations and fewer speeches
Need the proceedings
Good place to learn
International spirit
Excellent for the young professionals
Very well run
Pleased with the number quality and mis
Poster sessions very impressive
Based on what we saw: The profession is in very good hands
First satellite
New experience
Concern about conflict with national holiday
A couple of health and visa issues that led to “no shows”
If multi-day meeting then each day should have some plenary time at the beginning
Pleased with number of new librarians present and the number of them who may become involved with IFLA
Impressed with sincerity
So much energy
Such full days
Notable that all issues are NOT universal
2nd satellite
Appreciated the shared goals and enthusiasm
Atmosphere was like a family
1st time at IFLA
Found this practical and not political
It was hard to select sessions to attend since there were multiple good choices at the same time.
Appreciated the bridge building
The people to people connections that set the stage for connections at the main conference
Liked Tracie’s energy and Alex’s vision

(New Professionals from Taiwan)
Very good.
Liked closing speaker – Tracie Hall

(d) Recommendations for Next Satellite meeting
2010? 2011? Or 2012?? (over the last 6 years we have sponsored one every-other year but prior to that it was less regular)
Recommendation was made for every 3 years – pointing out that if we do every-other year, we have hardly finished the
operations for one when we need to throw ourselves into the next.
That being said we want to make sure they are held often enough that we can build on our legacy of ‘institutional knowledge’
regarding what works best
From a marketing perspective the every-other year model provides momentum.
We have been asked to co-sponsor for next year and have technically declined – but have offered to help.
The place matters. Local help is critical.
What is the value of sponsoring Satellite meetings? It provides a ‘signature initiative’; A branding opportunity; Raises interest in and visibility of the section
Does CPDWL want to take this on for 2011 or 2012?
Need 2 sub-committees (one for content, one for local arrangements)
(For 2011 it may be hard to find additional help locally)
Keep travel costs in mind for selected location
And visa issues
Susan proposed that we target 2012
Need to recruit locals from wherever is determined on Thursday to help support the local role.
Preplanning committee: Susan, Ulrike, Mary Jo, Eileen.

13. CPDWL Programs in Milan
(a) Wednesday’s full day program is variety of topics and presentations. 'Librarians on the Catwalk: communicating
advocacy to influence policy and practice' (joint with MLAS standing committee). Sylvia Piggott is one of the moderators
Focus on advocacy in a.m.
p.m is film and discussion groups

(b) Monday program. 'Creating a positive work environment for a multi-generational library and information workforce' (joint
with New Professionals SIG). Moderated by Michel Netzer

(c) Tuesday and Wednesday Poster Session – Ensuring the future of libraries through librarians’ continuing learning
(Ulrike Lang and Jana Varlejs)

(d) Thursday program, 'Lifelong e-learning and libraries'. Our own Bau-Mei Cheng is one of the speakers.

14. Planning for the Gothenberg Conference Programs.
-Mentoring and coaching
-Creating positive image for the profession
-Retention (how do we keep them?!) – values as to retaining top talent
-Cooperation between researchers and library management (How does research lead to better professional development for
-What skills are needed in the future
Broader topic under which conversation regarding what is relevant in different cultures and different systems (Is this about motivation?)
Motivation: Cross cultural; Between generations
Possible partners: Marketing; Knowledge Management; New Professionals

Make clear we are looking for innovative ideas
Sub group was formed to discuss topics and propose a theme: Sylvia, Susan, Mary, Michel, Matilde

15. Venue change of the 2010 IFLA conference (additional agenda topic)
§ Decision was a financial one
§ Some concern over how decision was made
§ Should CPDWL send a letter? No – the standing committee is a group of individuals we do not feel a joint statement is called for here.

16. Closure of meeting
Meeting adjourned at17:20.

Minutes submitted by Mary Chute

Minutes of CPDWL Standing Committee II
Time:8:00-9:30, August 25, 2009, Milan, Italy

SC members Susan Schnuer (co-chair)
Ulrike Lang (co-chair)
Jana Varlejs
Sylvia Piggott
Linda Ashcroft
Bau-Mei Cheng
Mary Chute
Matilde Fontanin
Arne Gundersen
Lihung Huang
Juanita Jara de Sumar
Michel Netzer
Irma Pasanen
Mary-Jo Romaniuk
Anne Lehto

Monica Ertel
Roisin Gwyer
Wanda Dole
Gitte Larsen
Richard Sayers

Observers: Eileen Breen (8:55-)
Lamyaa Belmekki

1. Welcome
Chair Susan Schnuer welcomed all to the meeting and participants introduced themselves.

2. Debriefing of the session on Monday the 24th of August
The session co-organized with New Professionals SIG, titled Creating a positive work environment for a
multi-generational library and information workforce was debriefed and discussed. It was agreed that the session was very
good. The presentations were well prepared and the content was rich. However, the organizers would have expected more
questions from the audience.

3. Ideas for IFLA in Gothenburg, Sweden 2010

Susan presented the ideas of the working group that was set in the previous meeting to develop ideas for Sweden.
The ideas were discussed and agreed. The title in Gothenburg will be Retention and job satisfaction: can continuing
professional development make difference including the following topics:
§ Generational differences
§ Mentoring & coaching
§ Motivation
§ Recruitment
§ Cultural / country differences

It was decided that in Sweden the session will be interactive with a panel of 6 speakers who are asked to present 1 slide /
speaker where they present 4 ideas in 5-7 minutes. In addition, they are asked to prepare questions for the audience. The
speakers are required to send a full paper according to usual call for papers –practice. No interpretation is available in the
session however the committee has members that speak a large number of languages so fluency in English is not needed for
the question and answer period. Committee members will assist, as needed, with interpretation.

4. Collaboration/co-sponsoring with other groups

Knowledge Management Section had made a proposal to E-Learning SIG, New Professionals SIG, Information
Technology and CPDWL of a theme Global learning platform, learning platforms for the future, how the new technologies
support the users.
Action: CPDWL is interested, call for papers. Contact person: Sylvia.

The Management of Library Associations Standing Committee was delighted at how well the session had gone in Milan. While
they were co-sponsoring with another group for 2010, they approached CPDWL to discuss possible co-sponsorship in 2011.
After some discussion, CPDWL decided that they wanted to explore other possibilities for 2011 and the offer was declined.

5. Nominations for Corresponding members
Susan noted that sections are allowed to have up to 5 corresponding members which are nominated for two years. The
corresponding members don’t need to be standing committee members. The nominees were as follows:

§ Juanita Jara de Sumar (Canada)
§ Eileen Breen (UK)
§ Ann Ritchie (Australia)
§ Clare Walker (South Africa)
§ Lamyaa Belmekki (Morocco)
Action: were voted

6. CPDWL Projects

i. CPDWL Quality guidelines
Jana Varlejs presented that the current situation of the quality guidelines for continuing professional development and
workplace learning is that they need to be revised; an extensive literature review could be done by a student. Also other
alternatives were discussed, e.g. comparisons between different professions could be an option. Jana pointed out that CPDWL
has approved the guidelines, but in the future we should make them IFLA guidelines.
ii. CPDWL Conference Program Handbook
Jana informed that Conference Program Handbook needs more editing than a student work input.
Action: collaborative work will continue in a wiki
iii. Other projects: Guidelines for exchanges
Action: Lamyaa, Lihung & Matilde work on this issue
iv. Other projects: Exchange for young professionals
Susan reminded that e.g. ALA already provides a database for exchanges, [see
Susan will pursue the idea of an CPDWL project and will send it out for comment.

7. Closure of meeting
Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Minutes submitted by Anne Lehto

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning

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