Recent Publications on Parliamentary Librarianship

  • Parliamentary libraries and research services in Central and Eastern Europe: building more effective legislatures/ed by William H. Robinson and Raymond Gastelum.- München : Sauer, 1998 (IFLA publications; 87 ISBN 3-598-212813-3)

This Section publication from the IFLA Publications series is edited by the former chairman of the Section. It covers fifteen countries and three appendices are added: Key questions or issues in developing information and research services for a parliament, by William H. Robinson; Parliamentary libraries and research services of Central and Eastern Europe, by William H. Robinson; and in the last appendix, the Draft chapter outline and questionnaire.

  • Parliamentary libraries and information services of Asia and the Pacific: papers prepared for the 62nd IFLA conference Beijing, China August 25 -31, 1996 - Ed. by Rob Brian under the auspices of the Section of Libraries and Research Services for parliaments.- München: Saur, 1997. - 106 p. (IFLA publications; 83) ISBN 3-598-21808-7.
  • Publication on Parliamentary Libraries and Information Services of Western Europe

Parliamentary Library, Research and Information Services of Western Europa: Bibliothéques et Services de Recherche et d'Information Parlementaires de l'Europe Occidentale.

Edited by Jennifer Tanfield. - Brussels. - European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation. - 2000. - 295 p.

  • Dr Ernst Kohl has recently produced a paper on


    "Obligations of parliaments to make the information they create available to the citizens : as affected by the internet", submitted to an international conference in the Crimea in June 1998.

The paper, by and large, reflects the rationale of the the Sach-und Sprechregister service at the Bundestag.

The printed version is contained in:

Libraries and associations in the transient world : papers presented to the 5th International Conference Crimea '98, Sudak, 6 - 14 June 1998. Moscow, 1998. - ISBN 5-85638-018-5

It is available on the Internet at:

  • The Guidelines for legislative libraries has been published in Spanish with the title: Lineamentos para Bibliothecas Legislativas. The publication has been edited by Ernst Kohl and the translation is done by Dulce María Liahut Baldomar from the Paliamentary Library of Mexico. The publication is no 53 in the IFLA Professional Report Series.

Lineamentos para bibliotecas legislativas / Editor: Ernst Kohl. Traducción a cargo de Dulce María Liahut Baldomar.- la Haya: Secretariado de la IFLA, 1997. - XVIII, 136 p., 30 cm. (Informes Professionales de IFLA; 53) ISBN 90-70916-63-0 ISSN 0168-1931

The Arabic version of the Guidelines for Legislative Libraries has also been published. Edited by Ernst Kohl and published by the King Fahd National Library of Saudi Arabia. This means that we have the guidelines in 5 languages now: English, German, French, Spanish and Arabic.

  • The World Encyclopedia of Parliaments and Legislatures has been published. The editor is George Thomas Kurian and the publisher is CQ Congressional Quarterly Incorporated in Washington. It is intended to be a basic reference source with chapters done by noted experts around the world. This 2-volume reference set has information on legislatures of 193 countries, as well as thematic essays on the European Parliament, Legislative Committees, Parliamentary Libraries, Parliaments for Central Europe etc. The price of the set is $ 289 plus $ 20 for shipping and handling. You may order the set by calling 1-800-638-1710 toll-free and requesting instructions or by sending an email to the following address:
  • Another standard work that has been published is Die Reichstagbibliothek zu Berlin: ein Spiegel deutscher Geschichte written by G. Hahn and published by Droste Verlag in Duesseldorf 1997. The book is over 700 pages and costs DM 198.
  • The World Directory of National Parliamentary Libraries and the World Directory of Parliamentary Libraries of Federated States and Autonomous Territories has been made available in electronic format by the German Bundestag: The URL is:
  • Papers from January 1998 onwards will appear on this site within a few days of publication at Westminster. It may occasionally be necessary to withhold or delay Internet publication for copyright or other reasons, but subject to these exceptions, the collection will be comprehensive. It is expected that Internet publication will replace the international mailing of research papers.
  • List of recent publications from the United Kingdom Study of Parliament Group,
  • Westminster and Europe, P Giddings and G Drewry eds (1996), Macmillan, ISBN 033364980X
  • Parliamentary Accountability, P Giddings ed (1994), Macmillan, ISBN 033363201X
  • The House of Lords at Work, D Shell and D Beamish eds (1993), Oxford University Press, ISBN 019-827762-8
  • Parliamentary Questions, M Franklin and P Norton eds (1993), Oxford University Press, ISBN 019-827317-7
  • Parliament and International Relations, C Carstairs and R Ware eds (1991), Open University Press, ISBN 0335096980
  • Parliament and Pressure Politics, M Rush ed (1990), Oxford University Press, ISBN 019-827576-5
  • The Study of Parliament Group: The First Twenty-One Years, D Englefield (1985), Study of Parliament Group, ISBN 0 9510485 0 3

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