IFLA International Leaders Programme: Past programme and projects (2012-2014)

Programme details

The Programme brought participants together at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 IFLA World Library and Information Congresses (WLIC) as the main face-to-face forum. In this dynamic and interactive environment, participants had direct access to international leaders, and undertake eight days [excluding travel time] of activities including: seminar and workshop sessions on issues with a global impact led by leaders in the sector and related fields; participation in specified business meetings; attendance at specified professional programme sessions; working within groups to prepare presentations or reports; liaison with Governing Board members; building support networks.

12 Associates and 3 Counsellors participated in the initial cohort.

This experience was reinforced throughout the Programme with attachments to IFLA professional units and working/advisory groups to contribute to projects of direct relevance to IFLA’s international agenda and Strategic Plan and Key Initiatives. These activities required participants to undertake a number of tasks including: evidence-based/secondary/comparative research; writing documents such as policies, submissions, interventions, statements, speeches; liaison with other bodies at national, regional or international levels; representing IFLA at international or regional forums as identified by IFLA as being within the framework of the Programme. Participants learned through practice, and be mentored as they strengthen their skills and knowledge.



Through participating in the programme, participants:

  • Contributed to important issues impacting on the future of the library sector
  • Gained experience in working at the international level
  • Gained experience in working with organisations such as the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), UNESCO, the European Commission, the Internet Governance Forum
  • Gained experience in the development of policy and position statements
  • Developed your negotiating and intervention skills
  • Developed your capacity to advocate and set political agendas,
  • Built relationships and develop your networks internationally
  • Built skills to have a broader impact as an advocate in your own library community

The Programme is administered by the Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP) under the general direction of the IFLA Governing Board.

LDP (Library Development Programme), leadership, IFLA International Leaders Programme

Last update: 8 March 2016