21 January 2013


The Ulverscroft Foundation and the IFLA Libraries Serving Persons with Disabilities Section Best Practice Awards 2013

By Posted on behalf of Joyce Sumner, Ulverscroft Foundation

Ulverscroft FoundationThe Ulverscroft Foundation and the IFLA Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section are pleased to announce that the Foundation has agreed to provide renewed sponsorship of 10,000 GP Pounds in 2013 to continue a best practice development programme which commenced in 2003. Since then individuals have been sponsored to visit libraries in other countries as follows:

From Belorussia, South Africa, The Netherlands Slovenia, and Nigeria to the UK; Egypt to South Africa; France to Germany; Iran to Sweden; Norway to Bosnia; UK to Canada, South Africa, Finland and the Netherlands, Croatia to Denmark,

This programme provides a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional development and both IFLA LPD and Ulverscroft wish to encourage worldwide applications from all persons interested in improving library services for visually impaired people. Whilst this will be of particular interest to staff in special library services for the blind, applications are also welcomed from those working in public libraries, school libraries, university and college libraries, national libraries etc.

Further details of the awards and an application form for the awards and details of previous award winners and their reports can be found on the Ulverscroft Foundation website.

Applications should be submitted by March 31, 2013.

For further details please contact:
Joyce Sumner at j.sumner@ulverscroft.co.uk

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