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IFLA Joins Blue Shield International to Oppose the Targeting of Iranian Cultural Sites

IFLA joins international organisations in voicing concern over recent threats by the President of the United States of America specifically targeting, among other locations, sites of cultural importance in Iran.

9 January 2020 | Cultural heritage, Disaster management, Human rights, Preservation

Recording, Researching, Reviving: how the State Library of Queensland is Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages

As the International Year of Indigenous Languages comes to an end, we are happy to share a further example of libraries acting to protect and promote these languages and the communities that speak them. We are grateful to the State Library of Queensland for this contribution.

16 December 2019 | Indigenous Matters, Australia, IYIL 2019, indigenous languages

Tbilisi to be World Book Capital 2021

UNESCO has announced that Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, will be World Book Capital 2021. IFLA is looking forward to working with the authorities and libraries there to show the power of our institutions in promoting books and reading.

29 November 2019 | Literacy and Reading, Georgia, UNESCO World Book Capital, World Book Capital, World Book Capital City

IFLA Joins the Discussion on Preserving and Providing Access to Digital Heritage

IFLA Representatives with Kwibae Kim, chair of Memory of the World Committee for the Asia-Pacific Representatives from IFLA were invited to participate in the 2nd Inter-regional Conference for the Memory of the World, held in the Republic of Korea from 5-8 November 2019.

12 November 2019 | Advocacy, Archives, Audiovisual and multimedia resources, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Digital preservation, Meetings, Networking, Preservation, Republic of Korea

Key Issues for Libraries at the UNESCO General Conference 2019

A delegation from IFLA will attend the 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference, held 12-27 November 2019 in Paris, France. Here is an overview of key issues being discussed.

11 November 2019 | Access to information, Advocacy, Conferences, Cultural heritage, Education, Libraries for development, Networking

Keeping Cultural Heritage at the Heart of Europe

IFLA joined cultural heritage practitioners, policymakers and stakeholders from civil society in Paris on 30 October to discuss the role of cultural heritage at the heart of the revival of the European project.

2 November 2019 | Conservation, Cultural heritage, Democracy, International cooperation, Policy, Europe

Recognising and Promoting Indigenous Languages in New Brunswick, Canada

Our latest profile of a library offering dedicated services around indigenous languages and the communities that speak them comes from Patricia Knockwood, Indigenous Services Librarian at New Brunswick Public Library Service, Canada.

1 October 2019 | Indigenous Matters, Canada, IYIL 2019, International Year of Indigenous Languages, Indigenous Matters

Culture Essential for SDG Success: IFLA Contributes to New Report

In the negotiations that led to the agreement of the 2030 Agenda in September 2015, a group of global organisations including IFLA drove the #culture2015goal campaign. A new report looks at the progress on incorporating culture into the SDGs since then, and relaunches the campaign as #culture2030goal.

24 September 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, Advocacy, Libraries for development, Sustainable development, UN SDGs, UN 2030 Agenda, #Culture2030Goal

UN Climate Summit: the Heritage Dimension

IFLA attended the session at the United Nations Climate Summit focused on heritage issues. With a strong focus both on the risks that climate heritage poses to all types of culture, but also the contribution that heritage can, in turn, make to our response, it was an opportunity to highlight the difference that libraries can make.

22 September 2019 | LDP (Library Development Programme), Access to information, United States of America, Climate change, Cultural heritage

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