SCECSAL XX Conference

Information for Sustainable Development in a Digital Environment


4 – 8 June 2012


Laico Regency Hotel—Nairobi, Kenya


The XXth Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and South Africa Library and Information Associations (SCECSAL) 2012 conference.


Information for Sustainable Development in a Digital Environment

In recent years libraries and information centres in Africa have witnessed transformation from print to digital information. This has heralded both opportunities and challenges in creation, processing, storage, dissemination and managing digital information. The digital environment has provided information professionals in Africa an opportunity to reposition and take advantage of the enormous information being generated. Digital information can be repackaged according to users' needs and disseminated in a more timely and efficient way. However, the knowledge creators, intermediaries and end users equally encounter challenges in handling and managing digital information. The challenges include but not limited to: inadequate ICT infrastructure, lack of skills and knowledge, inadequate legal framework, adoption of new technologies, funding and sustainability, ethical issues among others.


  • Managing Information in Digital Environment for Poverty Eradication
  • Education and Training in Digital Environment
  • Legal issues in digital environment
  • Adoption of open source and open standards
  • Re-position of libraries in information society
  • Potential of library 2.0 in provision of information
  • Open access and Institutional Repositories
  • Information Standards in digital environment
  • Digital preservation and archiving
  • Digital Records Management
  • Publishing and Web 2.0
  • Social networking and information sharing
  • Informetrics, Scientometrics and Webometrics
  • Knowledge and Content Management
  • Information Ethics in Digital Environment

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