Puerto Rico IFLA-PAC Open Session


18 August 2011


San Juan, Puerto Rico


The PAC Core Activity session during the last 2011 IFLA Congress was dedicated to: "Cultural heritage preservation planning against economic and environmental challenges". The communications are now available on line:

- How to conciliate long-term preservation, sustainable development and energy savings in stores already-existing or under construction: experiences and projects of the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the Archives nationales de France, by Philippe VALLAS, Bibliothèque nationale de France


Philippe Vallas on stage.

- Research on energy savings opportunities in libraries, by Jeremy LINDEN, Image Permanence Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology 


Jeremy Linden, making his presentation.

Energy management in libraries: implementation of natural climate control measures, by Douwe DRIJFHOUT, National Library of South Africa


    Douwe Drijfout speaking.

- Setting up a pilot project for a laboratory in conservation and preservation in Panama City: presentation of a twinning-cooperation between an Italian private restoration laboratory and Panama National Archives, by Davide LIVI, FRATI e LIVI


Davide Livi presenting the laboratory.

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