Personal Marketing for Library Directors


7 – 8 November 2011


Reutlingen, Germany


Address: ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH, Bismarckstr. 3, 72764

Doing a good job is essential, but you have to be seen to be doing it - and doing it well - to make an impact, to have influence and to be an effective representative of your service.

Developing a personal marketing strategy and building a personal brand is an objective process of discovering a set of key personal and professional assets which are then communicated consistently, and passionately, in person and across all media.

This practical, interactive workshop will show you how you can market yourself effectively using personal branding as a personal, professional and service development tool.

  • What is Personal Marketing?
  • What is Professionalism – the real skills and competencies of a librarian
  • How to Establish a Personal Marketing Strategy for personal, professional and service development

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