METLIB Conference 2012

The never-ending story: adapting public libraries in an ever-changing society


20 – 25 May 2012


Barcelona, Spain


METLIB Conference 2012

Libraries of Barcelona has the pleasure of inviting you to IFLA's 2012 MetLib Conference that will take place between Sunday 20th and Friday 25th May 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

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Under the heading The Never-ending story: adapting public libraries in an ever-changing society, two topics have been chosen as the basis for debate:

  • Related to professionals profiles
  • How to manage in difficult times

The Libraries of Barcelona provide a service to a population of 1.6 million inhabitants, of which 52% have a library card. The network, still in the process of growth, currently has 37 libraries which attended more than 6 million visits over the past year.

Barcelona is a Mediterranean city full of light and vitality, with a strong desire to innovate and create. We particularly like to exchange and debate ideas as it is a way of enriching oneself cognitively, and in our case, of improving the public services.

See you in Barcelona next May!

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