Large Scale International Digital Library Initiatives

Current examples of international (global) digital library initiatives are the World Digital Library project and the National Libraries Global project*. World Digital LibraryThe World Digital Library project - coordinated by the Library of Congress and sponsored by UNESCO - makes digital resources from all over the world available from one access point. IFLA supports the World Digital Library initiative since 2006.

Under the umbrella of CDNL, the Conference of Directors of National Libraries, the National Library of New Zealand recently developed a prototype for the National Libraries Global project, which serves the same purpose, but focuses on national library collections.

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At a European level, Europeana, of which the prototype was launched in 2009 - is the project to look at.

* The National Digital Libraries Global is currently being reviewed by the European Digital Library team with a report due in the first quarter of 2010. This report will contribute to a formal decision regarding the future direction of the National Libraries Global project. (Source: Briefing CDNL Secretariat, December 2009).

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Last update: 24 March 2014