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Realising the Potential of Open for Equitable, Resilient Recovery

At a side-event to the United Nations Science, Technology and Innovation Forum 2021, held on 5 May, speakers shared their insights on where work is needed to ensure that openness acts as a driver of sustainable development.

11 Mai 2021 | Access to information, Development, SDGs

Reviews of Local SDG Implementation Demonstrate Stronger Recognition of Libraries’ Role

A new IFLA report highlights greater understanding of the contribution of libraries to delivering the UN 2030 Agenda among local governments, in a wider range of areas, than in national reviews of SDG implementation.

3 Mai 2021 | Access to information, Development, SDGs

Raising SDG Awareness... through Competitions! An Interview with Dr Yakov L Shrayberg, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology

Libraries can have an important role in building understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We interviewed Dr Yakov L Shrayberg, President of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, to find out about their International SDGs Calendar contest and how to get involved.

30 Mars 2021 | Access to information, Advocacy, Development, Russian Federation, SDGs

City Leaders’ Call for Green, Just and Local Recovery Offers Opportunities for Libraries

With a unique understanding of how our institutions support positive progress, the local government leaders meeting as part of the Urban 20 initiative are well placed to highlight how libraries, and culture more broadly, contribute to sustainable development.

26 Mars 2021 | Cultural heritage, Italy, urban development, Sustainable development, SDGs, U20

An Indispensable Player in Policy Success: Library Contributions Featured at Side Event at the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development

A side-event at the Asia-Pacific region’s forum on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provided an opportunity to underline the importance of access to information everywhere, and the potential of libraries to support effective policy delivery.

24 Mars 2021 | Asia and Oceania, Access to information, Asia and Oceania, SDGs

Neither Simple Nor Easy, but Ever More Essential: Information Access Discussed at European SDG Forum Side-Event

The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the importance of information in so many aspects of our lives. However, responding to growing demands is not necessarily simply. At a panel bringing together UN officials and library representatives, participants made recommendations for how to draw on information to support effective responses to, and strong recovery from, the COVID-19 pandemic.

16 Mars 2021 | Access to information, Development, Europe, SDGs

Access to Information as a Dimension of Development: Supporting and Enabling Fundamental Human Rights

Meaningful access to information – including access infrastructure, user skills, relevant content, supportive policy frameworks – helps deliver on people’s civil, economic, social and cultural rights. IFLA’s response to a recent OHCHR questionnaire highlights good practices and insights from the library field on how to maximise and deliver on this potential.

16 Mars 2021 | FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Digital inclusion, Human rights, OHCHR

Applications Open: UNESCO World Book Capital 2023

The call for applications for the title of UNESCO World Book Capital City 2023 is open. IFLA encourages cities with cities with strong and innovative policies supporting books and readings to apply.

12 Mars 2021 | Literacy and Reading, Literacy, Reading, UNESCO World Book Capital, World Book Capital City, World Book Capital

IFLA SDGs Update: March 2021

This update on libraries and the SDGs includes information on: the 2021 VNRs, the Regional SDG Fora and other UN meetings, the SDG Advocacy Toolkit, IFLA's Library Map of the World and Stat of the Week, Education for Sustainable Development, Library Advocate Personality Test, the SDG book club, and other useful IFLA and external tools.

10 Mars 2021 | Access to information, Development, SDGs

Informed, engaged, enabled: report of the IFLA side-event at the African Regional Forum on Sustainable Development

With access to information recognised as a key component of development in the UN 2030 Agenda, libraries have a powerful potential to contribute to success. A side event at the African Regional Forum on Sustainable Development provided the opportunity to explore further.

2 Mars 2021 | Africa, Access to information, Development, Africa, SDGs

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